Cory McCrory

It took years for me to find my place in ceramics.  I hand built at an early age.  Like most of us grade school introduced me to the fired piece.  High school introduced me to the wheel.  In college pottery and I were dating and became serious.  We lived together for years.  Later came medical issues and a midlife crisis. I was forced to take a break from the wheel.  I turned my focus to hand building and sculpture. I had found paper clay a few years earlier and decided to put it to the test.

Within a short time I realized I wasn’t going back to the wheel.  As a thrower I was pretty good, but was discovering that my hand building was where I needed to be.  I developed my body of work from what I was both familiar and with what was available to me.  I’m very comfortable here.  I feel I have unlimited possibilities in front of me. 

 I grew up on the east coast, moved to the mid west in my 20’s. I now live in sandwich lL with my husband and three of four kids. My studio has always been in my house, which has allowed me to stay home, raise my own kids while pursuing a career in clay. I have been an active member of the art community for more than 25 years. Learning, assisting, teaching and doing. I currently teach the occasional workshop, present demonstrations and participate in fine art fairs. 


I am always on the lookout for the next idea. I am a people watcher and a hidden beauty detector. I keep several sketch books. Good bad and dumb ideas go into which ever one I can find.  Because I was a thrower for so many years, I have a strong desire to make functional work , however, I feel my super powers are best displayed in my sculptural works.  Whether functional or sculptural, I enjoy the puzzle each piece presents me. How to approach its construction, use less product and cut down on time and waste.

The work is made from a cone 5/6 brown stoneware that I have added about 15% paper pulp. Mcdonalds drink trays are my preferred source. I will only use discarded ones. Collected by people who know I use them. .  Underglazes are used on the green form.  A clear glaze added where desired.  Fired to cone 6 oxidation. High temp wire is used as well for details

It pleases me to make you smile