Joann Taylor Brown

JoAnne Taylor-Brown


“I am outdoors every day. I hike, walk and bike, often with my dog, observing and discovering texture: On trees; pebble strewn paths, shrubs and flowers. On beaches; coral, rock and shells yield their stories of erosion. The earth’s force, sea currents, the wind and sand whittle away at each shape creating a singular form and telling a story of adventure, a path that brought them to the beach on which I find them. While working on a piece, my mind wanders. The piece guides me. I have no idea what it will look like. Instead I explore the clay as if it were (and it is) the earth’s geography that I am traveling. My pieces may reflect my journey with the objects that inspire me. It is clay that becomes the vehicle of my explorations in art, my journey over the earth’s surfaces and in my imagination. It is the world I want to preserve.”