Hil-Dee Bates

I received my BA in Fine Arts, with a studio emphasis, in 1997 from the University of South Florida. However, my work has been influenced by many things. I attended the University of New Mexico for a year where I studied and experienced many aspects of Native American pottery. I am a mother of three and taught in the public school system for ten years. The thoughts, ideas and approach to creation were fostered by the children I worked with, perhaps the greatest gift to my creative force. 

I have worked in many mediums from watercolor to silver but always returned to my love of clay. Much of my work unites function and the process of creation. I feel that my work is complete when someone uses the object and appreciates it, maybe without realizing the thoughtfulness behind building each piece. I hope that my work helps people appreciate the simplicity of the bowl form, or the function of a mug.  I hope that when they use the objects I create, they celebrate the simple daily act they are performing. 

As the wheel of creation turns, the influence of my husband, Patrick Bates, is guiding me into new realms of thought. Working with murals, alternative firings and approaches, my head is overflowing with ideas. A new body of work lies in the wake.